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For the three of you in the universe wondering

So I’m just gonna give you a quick little update on what is exactly going on with ROBBERS, if there is anyone out there interested.

So, the last time ROBBERS played a show was back in November at the Paramount in Huntington. That was nine months ago. Anyone wondering why? Well, I’ll try my very best to explain why as simply as I can.

I stopped playing shows because I wasn’t inspired to anymore. Pretty simple! We all go through phases, motivation grows and shrinks, and sometimes for me, it can bounce back and fourth from both extremes one hundred times a day. It’s exhausting. The “whole rock band rock show” thing was driving me nuts and and I wouldn’t feel fulfilled when I stepped off stage. And that was beginning to make me feel like I was forcing myself to do things that, deep down, I wasn’t interested in doing. I’m not saying I never want to play shows again. I’m saying I couldn’t handle going on playing shows the way I was. I started feeling like a robot, like I was just following these rules that were part of some crazy bull shit game. I started feeling like there wasn’t a difference between going up on stage and working in a 9-5 cubicle. And that’s not a good feeling for an artist to have. So that’s when I realized it was time for me to take a step back and get some new perspective, whole new outlook, whole new vision.

Nine months later, and I’m coming around. In that span I had the extreme pleasure of releasing two albums (FTFB and DDM), and thinking about how happy I was to be in a studio tracking and releasing new music led me to a great epiphany. It all made sense And when I realized what I realized it seemed like such an obvious REALIZATION that I felt like I knew the answer all along: I LOVE RECORDING. I have so much material, enough for another 12 albums, just sitting rotting on my hard drive for the past 7 years. Why? Because over that course of time, that whole RULES OF THE SYSTEM thing enslaved my mind. I would think, “WELL, WHAT ROCK BANDS DO IS RECORD AN ALBUM, AND THEN TOUR FOR A YEAR OR TWO STRAIGHT, THEN RECORD ANOTHER ALBUM, THEN TOUR A YEAR OR TWO STRAIGHT”. And that’s well and fine, and works for a big majority of bands, but not for me. I HAVE SO MUCH MUSIC WRITTEN. I can come out with a fucking box set as big as ZAPPA’S whole discography if I wanted to tomorrow. So, fuck it. If that’s what makes me happy (RECORDING), then I’m gonna keep doing it as often as possible. I’m gonna keep releasing music until you’re all sick of me. I’m starting a new album in less than a month AND I’m gonna re-record UGLY SAVY because It feels like the right thing to do, and release it all before the year is done. Then after that, I’ll record more music, and keep recording until every single hard drive on this planet explodes, and keep releasing music until Bandcamp….explodes too.

I’m gonna start to play shows again very soon, I’m getting some great musicians together, and I’m not gonna fuck around this time. Gonna blow your brains out. I just haven’t had anywhere to rehearse in about seven of those nine months of extreme hermiting. hopefully I can find a place. The sooner I find a spot the sooner I can get rehearsing and the sooner ROBBERS can start playing shows! So if anybody knows of a spot, please reach out to me. ROBBERSMUSIC@GMAIL.COM

Also, I might be changing the name ROBBERS to something else.

Did I just accomplish anything?

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